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10 Traits of Successful women

What defines you as a successful woman?

I have 10 questions in the video. If most of the answers are NO, then you are not living a successful life. If yes, then you are a successful woman.

1. Do you live life to the fullest of your potential?

Do you live a life full of your potential? Every woman is a powerhouse (shakti), but how many realise their true potential?  How many have confidence that they can balance work-life?

I have many women in my surroundings who spend much time chit-chatting, talking about others and not spending time productively. Women have a lot of potential and the ability to do a lot of actions, but they need more time on unproductive things.

I am working in sales, having a happy family, and contributing to #women in the sales community. Also, I help girls' children's education and am so happy I could live on to my fullest potential.
Ask yourself before you perform any action, is it productive work, or does this action benefit you or others?


2. Do you take ownership of your decision?

Few women want to complain or criticize others who were the hurdles to their growth. But, unfortunately, because of others, they are in the present situation; otherwise, their life would have been the best.
My family was not supportive, and that’s why I could get into a sales career. 
Have you ever given confidence to the family? Allow me to get into sales, and I will prove myself.


3. Do you love yourself?

Many women want to live for their parents, children and husbands. They always disrespect and do not value their true potential. How many of you indeed and genuinely love yourself?  And accept that you are unique.
Have you ever Hugged yourself and said you are doing great, and I love you so much?
“Each is great in your own place.”


4. Do you make your parents proud?

Making parents proud is the way we give back our gratitude in return.
Whenever I travel out of state or country for a Business trip, my mother always informs her neighbors and feels pride. My father was so proud when I purchased a house one woman bought in my family. 


5. Do you inspire your children?

We think quitting the job and sacrificing is the duty and responsibility of the mother. I believe in the other way around. Going to a great job and inspiring children is as well the duty of a mother.
My baby is 2 years old, and I can see she is inspired by me because I travel outside in a suit. She says she wants to wear the same and is happy when I go for Business trips and bring her a gift and when she sees me in the podcast and my photo on my book(cumulative selling) cover. she says "Amma"(mom).
“Children do what you do, not what you say.


6. Do you buy what you wish for?

I can buy a dress, cosmetics, showpiece, whatever I like, whenever I want. I don’t need to ask anyone. I feel it is one of the factors to achieve freedom. Especially when I travel to new cities or countries during my business trip, I do shopping in the evenings. I have no restrictions or obligations to buy anything I wish for.
It looks crazy what I am talking about here, but that is the truth. Many women are dependent. They need to ask their husbands before buying. Sometimes he says Yes, and sometimes, No. Many times, even though women like to buy, they don’t ask their husbands due to guilt.

7. Do you give time for your own self?

I know most mothers do not spend time for themselves and give their whole time to their families and children. You have your own life, spending for your self-development, living your dream, and creating your identity. It is essential to spend daily or weekly to introspect yourself.
Do you spend some time truly doing what you love? You may feel good while painting, drawing, and singing. Make sure you do that regularly. What makes you happy that gives you confidence and satisfaction?
“Do not search the happiness from outside or from someone else; it is within”


8. Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you can excel in a sales career? Can you travel outside? Can you earn a lot of money? Can you inspire the women's community? If you don't believe, how can you expect your family and society to believe in you and accept you to take the role?
Believing in yourself builds confidence and trust, which are important factors in achieving what you wish for.
“If you believe, you can conquer the whole world.”

9. Do you have your self-identity?

My self-identity as Thilaga is I am Sales Manager, Podcast Host, Author, Keynote Speaker, Mentor, and Philanthropist. What’s yours? Everyone wants to create their identity. 
Do you want others to call you so and so’s mother or wife? Or the world will call your children they are so and so’s daughter or son.

End of life, what you contribute gives the satisfaction?
Self-identity earns respect from society.


10. Do you enjoy your life?

Are you someone who, most of the time, feels sad, asking yourself, “Why me,” I am suffering, I am good for nothing, no one respects me, no one gives attention to me, no appreciation from anyone, everyone insults me, I am a loser, I am a failure, I can’t make others happy, I am dependent?
Most issues come when you keep expectations in others, and when the expectation is not fulfilled, it leads to anger, sorrow etc., 
I am always happy within. I know who I am, and whether others appreciate it or not, I am not bothered.
“Do not expect the happiness from outside; it is within”

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