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10 Tips to build a High Performing Sales Team:


1.Introduce the self and the expectation:

It would be better initially to inform the team what you expect from the them, your core values, your leadership style, your likes and dislikes because you are going to work with them longer time. And, also let them inform their expectation, their roadmap what they want to achieve in 3years, 5years. So that both know each other and easy to work together.
"Each is great in their own place; each values complement each other."


2. Regular chat:

Regularly Interacting with your team video call if you can’t make it up physically. Sales team may not be in office every day and some work in remote as resident engineers so it’s better to have short calls regularly, so they feel like part of the team and don’t feel alone. Some might update their interesting stories about their visits. It need not be official talk as well. The more gap in conversation, that creates more distance. Important pending tasks can also be discussed and sort it out.

“Bonding and Mutual understanding is the key for Team success”


3. Be on the field

If you are a good sales leader be on the field along with sales team occasionally. Lead by example, they feel motivated and inspired to push more when you show the path.

No one interested to listen advices…everyone wants to observe what managers do and repeat the same.

Remember Leaders create future leaders

“Team member do not do what you say; they do what you do”


4.Celebrate small wins

Even it is small orders from sales engineer’s effort, celebrate 🎉 they feel motivate to get bigger ones

When you appreciate their wins, they push to deliver more. More small orders create more big orders.

“Appreciation is the key quality of a leader.”


5.Discuss challenges not numbers

Have regular review meetings weekly, Monthly, quarterly not just talk about numbers (sales target) but challenges, objections which is stopping them to hit the target. Coach them how to do just not saying what to do.

“Leaders are there to solve the problem not to give pressure”

6. Have open communication:

Always have open and transparent communication with your team so that they feel comfortable sharing their pain points which is stopping them to close the deal and achieve the target. Involve them in discussions, creating new strategies, take their opinions while taking decisions which motivated them and feel they are part of the company.

“Everyone wants the space to communicate to share their challenges and someone who can listen genuinely”

7. Show the vision

Explain the team why they should do what they are doing, why they must achieve the target and what is the company want to achieve from the help of individual achievements. Show them the bigger picture. Where company wants to be in next 5years, how individual contribution will helps in companies 5years growth plan.

“Good Leaders must communicate the vision clearly and consistently until it becomes the vision of the team”


8. Go deeper to the situation

Most of the leaders talk on the surface, how many customers you visited, how many projects got, how many orders, target is achieved or note.

Once in a whole, it would be better to go deeper and understand how they did the prospection, how are they doing cold calling, how they are handling the objections just taking few examples so that you can guide them with your expertise which can help them to close better. As well if you think the necessary training required it can be organized. This way, sales team feel confident.

“Successful leaders always look for opportunities to help others”

9. Freedom to work

Everyone wants the freedom to work and respect their work. No one likes to supervise on day-day work and point the mistakes. It would be good idea to create KPI’s (Key performance Indicators) and to have regular meeting to review the KPI’s in that way , each individual can use their creativity, perform better and they feel accomplished when they apply their ideas and succeed. Leader task is to coach and guide them and they decide how to do and what strategies to hit the order.

“Each have their uniqueness; they like to use their own way to accomplish. Its good to find the mutual way.”

10. Show the career growth

Everyone has the dream in life, everyone wants to live quality of life, let them know by performing better what their career path looks like in the company, how they can mutually grow together.

What is that they must achieve so they can get where they want to be.

Every employee has the purpose to work in the organization, better to know them. If they are willing to share their personal purpose, let them know. Example, if they want to buy a house, they do achieve with their income and we can relate how his/her performance will help to achieve the personal goal.

If you want to retain the team; show the path to grow

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