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How do we win the sale in this pandemic situation over phone without a face-face meeting?

7 Key things a Sales person should pay attention to win the sales over phone:

(1) Active Listening:

When you speak over phone to customer, listen carefully so that you will be able to uncover the problems. Pay Attention on asking right/relevant question to uncover the problems

(2) Acknowledgement:

Since, you cannot meet customer face-face, you really have show up in phone that you are really listening and want to help customer to solve his problem by acknowledging the customer conversation with "I see, I do, I support etc.,"

(3) Engage Customers:

How you engage customer conversation going in phone call? Because, customer tend to close call, no one much interested in talking for a long time over phone. So how you engage them?

My secret is, I prepare the questions in note book before I am making a call. Also, when customer about to finish answering the first question, I prepare the second question in mind so that customer will engage in the call for long time.

(4) Perseverance (Follow up):

In this pandemic situation, it is difficult to get the order and get the inquiry. Hence, it is very important what open projects we have and ensure to win the sale.

So, follow up is the key, we should have continuous follow up with customer until you win the sale.

(5) Relationship:

Relationship wins the sale more than product/price. As soon customer picks up the call, start speaking with pleasant words. Create the bonding first, so that customer feel comfort to opens up his problems and concerns. Relationship builds the trust.

"Sales is by-product for relationship and trust"

(6) Be Empathy:

Be Empathy with customer and do conversation according to customer's mood and feelings.

Since, we cannot understand customer's mood by looking at face expression without face-face meeting in this pandemic situation.

We need to pay attention on below parameters while listening with customer

  • The tone

  • The pitch

  • The volume

(7) Positive Mindset:

Sales Person should have positive mindset in this pandemic situation because things are not good outside, we tend to get negativity around.

Stay Positive.

(8) Read book:

Now, we have lot of time being at home in this pandemic situation.

It is the right time to enhance our sales skills by reading book or attending webinars which will help us to win the sale. Also, self-help book to improve the soft skills in sales.

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