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How to Deal with Difficult Customers?

Salespeople get afraid to deal with tough customers and when they speak angrily, they don't know how to handle them. Either they react to their anger and speak harshly to customers which closes the chapter of selling anything to them or they get fear and stop approaching such customers. Either way is not good for sales. Need to learn how to deal with customers and do sales.

First, we need to understand why customers speak so harshly on you, there are various reasons😡🤔

1. They might be under pressure from their organization and they show it to you

2. You might have not done something wrong so they are angry with you for example - you might have arrived later than the committed time or not delivered the product on time etc.,

3. Their nature is to get anger quickly.

4. Perfectionist - Their expectation is always high

Personal experience🤯

1. Once, I faced a situation with a customer. He talked so angrily and said do not come to my office, will make you stand at the gate and won’t allow you inside the office. I don't want to see your face.

I was so upset, that I did not open up anything. I just say I understood the situation and will try my best to support the delivery and the problem was sorted. Later, I went to his office many times and we did good sales. If I had acted harshly I would have lost that Account. It was our mistake, we did not deliver the product on time and the customer was under pressure from management. That's why he spoke harshly.

2. In my personal life, my neighbour is very good at maths and once she did calculations to arrive total donation amount collected, I told her the calculation was wrong and she got angry I immediately flipped and said, she is right and she is an expert in maths. Later, slowly i made her to understand where it went wrong.

Tips to handle tough customers😓💼

Calm and Composed mind 🧘

You have to prepare your mind to handle such a situation and not react.

There is a difference between react and respond, react means immediately acting upon the situation and respond means taking time and then responding. Taking a moment of time will surely reduce the anger.

Meditation also helps to calm your mind.


Some customers have pride that they know better than you, tips to handle them is just to appreciate. You tell them they know so much and they are right whatever they say. Later, they simply listen to whatever you say.

Accept the customer as they are☮️

We can't go on judging he is like she is like this, it is better to accept their character as it is and see how you can build the relationship and win the sale.

When we accept, we don't get disturbed in the mind.

Say supporting words🤝

When they are so angry, first acknowledge. Example : I understand the situation, I agree, I do the support etc., then they calm down

Prepare well: 📚📊

Some customers are so perfect, they expect answers immediately and they don't want to waste time.. They get angry if you don't have an answer. Prepare well before you approach them and take printouts of relevant documentation.


Have enormous patience to handle the tough customers.

Keep your communication professional📧

Document as soon as you finish the meeting with customers. So that unnecessarily he gets angry that you committed so much the other day and you did not perform and you can always show your email communication.

Active Listening🤓

Listen actively, show that you are actually interested to understand the situation and support them.

Understand customers point of view👁️‍🗨️

Most of the time, there must be a reason behind the anger, understand the reason and see how you can avoid the anger next time.

Some customers, if it's the nature of getting angry..good luck:)

Bonus Tips:

If you accept the people and situation in your office, family and friends, your life will be awesome 🌟 but not so easy

Take a moment or deep breath 😤🌬️when you get angry. Your anger runs away

Understand why you or others get angry when you understand the root cause, the problem will be solved.

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