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I won a big deal - Strategy: Identify 3-5contacts in an organization to win New Business

Hi Sales Folks,

I recently closed big deal of my 3years effort with tight competition and would like to share my learnings if it can help others.

It was tight competition with our brand and competitor, both products from same origin, both products have similar performance, both have similar pricing and both products trials got satisfactory.

The reasons for me to win :

“Identify 3-5contacts in an organization”

1.360deg view

You will know 360deg view about the project, potential, market trend, product performance, pricing at each levels.

=>Management – MD, General Manager, CEO etc.,

=>Mid-Management – Project Manager, R&D Head, Purchase Manager

=>Engineer – R&D Engineer, Purchase Engineer

2.To meet both technical and commercial terms

Identify contacts in various departments

It helps you to win both commercial and technical. Any project to win, the major criteria’s are technical it should fill the requirement as well commercially it should fulfil

Many people make mistakes, they always interact only with R&D or Purchase. Purchase only talk about price and you think you given best price and can with the order but in the end, they say technically it has met. Same way, if you spent time with R&D made your product perform well but in the end, they say price is not matching. Hence, it is always good idea to interact and know the contacts from R&D & Purchase

3. Double-confirm the information :

If you have contacts in various levels and from various department, it would be easy for you to forecast your sales to management. For example, you can double confirm 3years potential quantity, product performance for you and competitor, pricing of the competitor etc.,

Many make mistakes always interacting with one person and excited to win the order but the other side, they must be hiding competitor product. When you interact with 2-3people you can easily know the real situation.

4.Identify the Decision Maker:

When you interact the 3contacts, you will know who is taking the decisions and who is following the instruction. In the end, we need to have good relationship with decision maker who is going to say OK to use your product.

5.Pricing Decision:

When you interact with various department and many people in organisation, you can easily gather information about your competitor pricing or current buying price,

I know for many sales engineers, what price to quote is the major challenge. You can’t quote too low because you will lose your margin and on the other side you can’t too high, you will loose the business. The best way to understand and double confirm the current buying/competitor price at various level which helps to quote right pricing to customer to win the order.

6.Take your decision:

It will be easy for you to judge whether the project is going in right way. It has all the possibility to win or not when you interact with many contacts

Other reasons:

Share the success stories:

I used to interact with my colleagues globally, R&D team and Management to understand whether we sold this product to similar industry and application. I gathered all the information

Shared all the success references, application notes etc., to customer that actually build the confidence and trust to customer to choose our product.

Have conviction to win the order

Always have a conviction that you are going to win the order. Always know what product and solution you have given it is the best solution that motivates you and pushes you to do follow up’s overcome the rejections.

Aggressive and Close Follow up’s

I must have made 200+calls to this customer and many visits.

Follow up is the key for any business. Only by follow up you will how your product performing over your competitor, growth of the business in next 3-5years, pricing strategy etc.,

Timely Response:

When customer in need you should be available it is not the other way when you are available customer won’t be available.

Always give timely responses for customer queries. Send the responses immediately.

Even if you do not have information and you are waiting from your team. Tell your customer, I am waiting and give some time to get back.

Responsive it means to customer you are Responsible person and it builds the trust.

Do not Fear of Loosing

You will make lot of mistakes because of fear, you will not gather complete information customer ad half you will convey to management. Management won’t be clear about the potential business and won’t agree for special price etc.,

Sometimes, you will drop down huge price and take the order in loss because of fear.

Avoid Fear, when your product is good, you have given complete support, right price, order is yours

Keep in Touch:

I won small order from this customer 10years back and I used to regularly visit to them and maintained good relationship that helps in getting this bigger project. Whether you won business or not, if you know they are potential prospect, keep in touch

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