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"Power of Appreciation" Motivates your sales team to succeed

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

IIn some cases, if the salesperson does not perform well is because they don't have potential or knowledge but majority of the cases if the sales team does not perform well is due to a "Lack of Motivation"

Human psychology is when someone appreciates them, respects their wins(small or big) and gives personal attention to their work - They feel happy and motivated.

Some of the readers can ask that they are not doing anything to appreciate.

Examples: I appreciate my team if they did a good job in collecting the payment, identifying potential projects, receiving the sample order, and finding a new process to simplify the work and I encourage them when they share new ideas.

Why to Motivate the Sales Team?

#Increased Productivity

A motivated sales team is a highly productive one. With the right motivation, they are driven to achieve and exceed their targets, resulting in increased sales and revenue for the company.

#Improved Performance

Motivated salespeople strive for excellence in their work. They continuously look for ways to improve their skills and techniques, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

#Positive Team Culture

Motivation fosters a positive team culture. Team members are more likely to collaborate, support one another, and work towards common goals when they feel valued and appreciated.

"When you show appreciation and provide personal attention to your team's work, you unlock the power of motivation within them."

What happens if the team is not Motivated?

Lack of self-confidence

Lack of interest to work

Lack in sales performance, visits, calls

Simple Tips to Appreciate your team:

1. Keep your Ego away🚫💼

Sales Managers think they are in a big position and they can't be going to their level and praised, their respect goes down but not when they praise, their respect goes up.

2. Genuine Appreciation👏👍

Do not appreciate them because I am saying to appreciate, praise them genuinely. Not such as "Good job", or "Well done". Explain why you praise them and what benefit it brings because of their good work

3. Find out a way to praise🌟🔥

Look for the opportunity to appreciate your team members. When they explain about their visits, when they present the reports, find out the point to appreciate them.

4. Encourage🕵️‍♂️👀

Involve the team in group discussions, and encourage them to give ideas and implement those ideas. Never discourage their ideas by saying it doesn't work, if their ideas fail, they learn but when you say NO, they are unmotivated to do the work

5. Ears ON👂🗣️

Be attentive when they talk to you, do the presentation, show your 100% presence in the meeting and pick the words to appreciate, they get motivated to show many achievements in the next presentation

5. Freedom to work🗽👐

Everyone wants a free hand to work. When you give freedom, they are motivated and you have trust in them it helps them to show their innovations and ideas which gives better outcomes.

6. Understand the team member's strengths🤹‍♂️💪

Each has strengths in a particular area. A good leader should understand the strength of each member of the team which helps a leader to find a way to appreciate.

Example: If one of your salespeople in the team is good at doing cold calls and gets appointments easily, appreciate it whenever he/she does the job well.

7. Salesperson interest🚗🏍️

You can give the assignments in that particular work and they get motivated 

Example: If your salesperson is interested in cars, or bikes, you can give assignments to focus on the automotive industry

The Impact of Motivation

Increased Sales

Motivated sales teams perform at their best, resulting in an increase in sales revenue. When team members are driven and enthusiastic, they are more proactive in identifying opportunities and closing deals.

Customer Satisfaction

Highly motivated salespeople exude confidence and provide superior customer service. By going the extra mile for customers, they create positive experiences that enhance brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Positive Work Environment

A motivated sales team contributes to a positive work environment. When team members are driven and engaged, they inspire one another, creating a supportive atmosphere that encourages collaboration and success.

Maximizing Sales Team Potential

Set Clear Goals

Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for your sales team. Clear goals provide focus and direction, motivating team members to strive for success.

Provide Ongoing Training

Invest in training and development programs to continuously enhance the skills and knowledge of your sales team. By providing them with the tools and resources they need, you empower them to excel in their roles.

Create a Recognition Program

Implement a recognition program to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of your sales team. Whether through rewards, incentives, or public recognition, show your team members that their hard work and contributions are valued.

Bonus Tips:

Appreciate your spouse and child for beautiful family life👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️

Appreciate Your Spouse

Show gratitude and appreciation towards your spouse for their efforts and contribution in your relationship. It builds a stronger bond and promotes a positive atmosphere at home.

Appreciate Your Spouse

Show gratitude and appreciation towards your spouse for their efforts and contribution in your relationship. It builds a stronger bond and promotes a positive atmosphere at home.

"Your mind expands when you appreciate

Your mind shrinks when you don't appreciate others"

Your Mind Expands

When you cultivate a habit of appreciating others, your mind expands. You become more open and receptive to the positive aspects of people and situations around you.

Your Mind Shrinks

Conversely, when you fail to appreciate others, your mindset becomes narrow and closed off. By appreciating others, you open yourself up to new perspectives and opportunities.

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