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10 Benefits of staying long in an organisation?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I have all the priviledge to write this article because I work in my organisation last 16years and the results are tremendous.

The challenges many sales organisations are facing in recent days are not getting the potential candidate and not staying for long.

When I look at hundreds of resumes for recruitment hardly 5% of candidates I found who stayed more than 3 years stable in a company and most of the resumes they worked 1-2years each company.

I want to ask a question to the salesperson who stays short time, and answers with honesty, no need to share the comment just answer within. How many orders do you win? did you enjoy the moment of winning the order? Did you achieve the sales target and get a good incentive?

Nowadays, salespeople give more importance to fixed salary, not to variables.

Sales are all about variables. The better you perform, the multifold salary comes on incentive.

During recruitment, the candidate is asked to increase the fixed salary and reduce the incentive, no one is confident in achieving the target and getting the incentive, even though it is high returns, and no one is ready to take risks.

The reasons why salespeople do not stay for long:

Lack of Patience:

Not having the patience to see the results. Sales is a long-time game, you need to build relationships with customers and make strategies to work on each opportunity and then win.

Increase in salary:

Every year jumping into a different company will give you a hike but what you will learn just in one year, is how many customer orders you will win in one year. what is the face value you have created in the market? Long term you stay, you will win many orders, you will achieve the target

Avoid Pressure:

No one wants to take the pressure, everyone wants to live in their comfort zone

There is no sales without a target, when there is a target there will be pressure but you can avoid the pressure with proper planning and strategy not running out of the company. Any company you will go there will be pressure, how long you will run.

Manager or organisation is not good:

Some candidates give reasons when we ask why they leave the organisation, the manager is not good or the organisation is not good. I have seen many resumes, and for almost 6 years the candidates changed 6 companies whether the manager is not good in all companies or you do not know how to perform well. Ask yourself

"You will grow when you identify the problems in you"

Lack of drive:

I don't see the drive within to really perform, or prove their true potential, there is a lack of passion to grow in life. Money is one of the parameters to measure your success.

"The real success is in winning"

When you win, people respect you and the way your management looks at you is different, you will show the real value of you when you get the big orders to the company.

No respect given to the company:

Respect cannot be given, it has to be earned. You will get respect if you achieve your target and bring big orders.

Why do salespeople should stay long and what are the benefits of staying long?

"Sales success and career growth lies in staying long in an organisation"

1.Subject matter expert:

The benefit of staying long in an organisation helps you gain expertise in sales, you will be in a senior role in the organisation and people will respect your knowledge and experience when you become the subject matter expert. Gradually you will play the role of a mentor to coach the new sales team.

2. Consistency & Stability:

Organisations look in the resume how many years you stay in a company. Organisations will not prefer resumes if the candidate shifts jobs consistently.

They lose the trust if they make you join, will you stay

I am asking the candidates while recruiting how long they can commit to stay once they join. It's important nowadays.

3. Build Trust with your customers

You can't keep visiting your customers and each time changing the brand name they lose their trust in you. Always remember, customers first trust you more than the product. How can they place an order on you, you might have committed to some terms and if they know you keep changing the company, if a new salesperson does not accept the terms. Customers always prefer to work with salespersons who stay long.

4. Market Face value:

When you stay in a company for a long, your market face value increases.

Always, remember the market is looking at you, and your competitor is having an eye on you. Increasing your credibility in the market is so important for your career growth.

5. Career Growth:

Working for the same organisation for a long time may improve your chances of earning a promotion within your company. If you've been a consistent member of your work team and have shown your loyalty to the company, dedication to professional development and ability to produce high-quality work, your employer may consider you for promotion over newer employees or hiring someone externally.

6.360 degree Market view:

When you work in an organisation for a long years, you will have a great understanding of the market, market pulse, market expectation, how it works, what product is actually growing, what customers like, and dislike, how you need to offer, which industry is growing, why its growing and so on.

7. Prove your potential and performance:

When you stay long, you will complete the sales cycle. What I mean by sales cycle prospecting, offers, sample, objection handling, negotiation, partial order, production order etc., the long-term strategic account will win when you follow the sales cycle. You will actually show your real performance when you crack a strategic or key account which brings significant growth year on year.

8. Organisation trust in employees:

When you join a company with inconsistent experience in an organisation (stay 1-2 years in each company), the company won't have the trust to share the important data to do sales such as existing customer details, application details, customer strategy to win business, they observe for 6months and then only they share until they have trust in you. Without sufficient data, you can't work efficiently.

9. Higher returns:

When I did the interview of sales people, they more negotiate on fixed salary not on variables. Its a surprise thing, sales people not enthusiastic to work on incentive model and they dont have confident in achieving the target. Literally, they asked us to reduce the variables and increase the fixed salalry even though the incentive is much higher returns compared to fixed salary.

When you work long in an organisation, you will forecast better and when you forcast better , you will achive the target better and when you acehive the target better, you will get better incentive. When you consistently achieve the target and consistently you will get good incentives. When you taste getting the incentive, you will not leave the job.

You will also gets additional perks like gratuity, service complettion remuneration etc.,

10. Customers Network:

In sales, the greatest asset is your customer's contacts, you will have a good amount of database that helps you to expand your sales and growth. When I mean customer database not just contact numbers. The real relationship with each one of the customers, added value, loyalty in them, they have trust to call when they are in need of you , having trust that you solve their problem.

REAL SUCCESS in your career:

When you leave the company, the organisation ask you to stay back and when an organisation feels like losing a potential candidate and they really make an effort to retain you.

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