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Why Street sellers are highly motivated inspite of many rejections?

There are no sales without rejections and failures.

You won’t win every opportunity.


Rejection >>> finding the right contacts.

Rejection >>> fixing the appointments.

Rejection >>> getting the potential opportunity.

Rejection >>> of your product/service

Failure      >>> closing orders

Failure      >>> achieving the target.


The only way to overcome the rejections and failure “INCREASE.”


Increase >>>no. of prospect you approach.

Increase >>> opportunity funnel

Increase >>> no. of offers.

Increase >>> no. of visits

Increase >>> Pipeline orders


Often salesperson say I put lot of hard work but I couldn’t achieve the target because “I did not receive the expected order”. The question here is how many opportunities they had in funnel and how many they expect to convert.



If the salesperson has to achieve 1crore sales to achieve his target and having the opportunity funnel as 1crore, it is impossible to achieve the target.

The right method is, if he has 10crores in the opportunity funnel and expect to achieve 1crore , he/she has also chances in achieving the target


Same way, applicable in cold calling. If salesperson make 5calls expect people to respond is not possible, if he/she makes 25calls and expect a response is reasonable.


The sellers who sells the products on the road how many rejections they faces in a day, how many people they approach in a day and how many people insult them on their face but still they are motivated and continue to sell is because their survival is based on their daily sales. If they don't sell, they cant have food that day.

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