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Why women are not choosing sales as a profession?

Her Own Barriers:

Lack of Courage & Confident:

Women herself do not have confident to choose sales as a career, she thinks, sales is suitable only for men not women.

She is afraid whether she can find her voice in male dominated industry.

She is not have the courage to travel alone for client visit and staying in hotel during outstation travel.

She is not confident that she will be able to talk to clients.

My Story:

I travelled all modes of transportation, travelled across the world & country alone. Stayed in hotels many times, mid night & early morning travelled.

Initially, I was scared but later I overcome the fear of travelling and staying alone. Later, I realised it’s all mindset. If women build the confidence and courage, she can overcome the barrier.

World created the myths, that sales is not good profession for women. It is just a myths.

Lack of Ambition:

Many women do not have ambition to earn good money and live a dream life. They are happy by having a comfort job, decent salary, getting married and taking care of family and children. Their circle is bounded by family.

Not interested in travelling, meeting different mindset people, increase the network, roam the country & the world.

My Story:

Since, I had born in a middle-class family. I always had the ambition to become successful women and to be Rich.

Always wanted to live extra-ordinary life.

Live to the fullest of my potential.

Organisation Barriers:

Women not committed:

Even many organisations do not want to recruit women for sales profession because they think women will not be committed and stay for a long time. As soon as they get married women quit job or transfer to other location to man’s workplace (In India, girl has to move according to men’s job location)

One more reason organisation not recruiting women in sales is once she conceives, she will leave the job to take care of the children.

Women do not have physical energy to travel across the cities or country

My Story:

I am working in the present company past 14years..Am I not committed?

I managed my work during my maternity leave, used to attend client calls and replying to mails etc.,

I travelled all across the globe & country. Am I not having physical energy?

Society Barriers:

Society having negative impression if women say she works as sales profession.

Her own family do not support if women wants to choose sales as profession

Family do not want to take a risk of sending women out of home.

If she is married women, husband have is own doubts & possessive to send women outside home.

My Story:

Yes, my parents were against me to travel outside alone in initial stage because they are afraid to send me alone but later they have the confidence on me and today they are so proud my achievements. They always tell the neighbours relatives about my achievements (my abroad travel…)

Now, the trend is changing husband are supportive wife.

My husband supports me to continue my sales journey.

I never bothered about society, society talks based on old myths.

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