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Women Empowerment

Updated: May 27, 2023

Yesterday I was talking to a women who is 80+ year old

She have two girl children and gave them first class education. One daughter studied well, Gold medalist, PHDAnother daughter Topper in MBA.

Lot of money invested by their parents to give good education to those women.Why the education is given spending lot of hard earned money by parents? for  the better future

First daughter - During the alliance time, guy family said after marriage she can go for work and later they never sent to work. Now, the situation is husband lost the business and wife have no idea how to run the life, she is 55years old and no prior experience to start her career but she is willing to go door-door insurance agent sales to bring the money to survive and this old lady (her mother) is so upset and asking me to tell good job to earn some money to survive. If she would have got support from family, she would have supported during the crisis time.

Another daughter's situation who is Gold medalist, she too couldn't go to job and she is dependent from family for her health treatment (traumic disease)

According to me, Narrow minded men thinks if women go to work, they don't respect men; it is the other way, they get respect if they send women to work.

I am wondering what is the use of education?? if a women can't go for work because family restriction unable to stand on their own.

One side, the underprivileged girls desperately looking for donor for the educationOther side, parents are so rich given good education to women but it has not been utilised because lack of family support.

Lot of issues to be addressed in India.

I always wish every girl to get education but now I wish every women should get education and utilise the education to earn income to give equal support to family specially when husband cant bring income, to give education to their children, to contribute to economy

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