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A Book That Will Redefine Sales
to Succeed in New Age 

by the First Woman Author in South India and

the Second Woman Author in India to write a book on Sales

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About The Book


Cumulative Selling comes from the scientific word ‘Cumulative Effect’. It means sales results from the combined effect of various traits. In old age sales, we executed sales strategies through product knowledge.

But in new age sales, we need to adopt ‘integrity, mindset, confidence, discipline, sales skills, relationship, and action’. To practice these, I have shared the RAISE framework for easy understanding, which explains the most important traits.

It’s a practical guide with tons of sales tips, tools, my sales experiences, and case studies, which helps to lead a successful sales life and attain a work-life balance. In other words, it aids you to RAISE yourself from unsuccessful sales professional to successful sales professional. 

Meet The Author


Thilaga Kumar

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She is the 1st Woman Author in South India and the 2nd Woman Author in India to write a book on sales.

A B2B Tech Sales Leader with decades of experience scaling businesses in Industrial Automation, Aerospace and Defense Industries, Thilaga is on a Mission to empower women to consider and grow in their sales career by filling the gender gap, achieve financial independence and to live truely to their maximum potential.

Besides being an Author, Thilaga is a Founder of 'Sell Like Her' Movement, Key Note Speaker, Podcast Host of  'Sell Like Her', High Ticket Closer (certified from Dan Lok University), Clubhouse Host and Global Collaborator, Host of 'Global Sales Talk Show' over YouTube.

She is a caring mother to a beautiful daughter and a loving wife to a supportive husband, managing a great work-life balance.

Reviewed By Global Leaders


John David Mann


Award winning co-author of the Global Best Selling "The Go-Giver" Book. 


Julie Hansen


Best Selling Author of 'Look Me Into The Eye', Sales Keynote, Actor

Lori Richardson


President of Women Sales Pros and author of "She Sells - Attract, Promote, and Retain Great Women in B2B Sales


Jill Konrath


Best Selling Author of 4 Sales books including 'More Sells Less Time and SNAP Selling.'


Featuring Interviews With 15 International Industry Leaders

  • Bob Burg, USA
    Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Coauthor of “The Go-Giver.”

  • Kathryn E. Nuñez, USA
    Founder, The Social Selling Agency

  • Sujata Sapru Sood, Canada
    Vice President - Enterprise and Strategic Accounts Sales - Frost & Sullivan

  • Deb Boulanger, USA
    The Great Do-Over - CEO & Founder, Launch Mentor, Podcast Host & Speaker

  • Connie Zeller, USA
    Founder Salty Bee Events, Event Producer

  • Susan Trumpler, USA
    Founder at Unstoppable Women in Business, Author ‘OH SH*T, I’m In Sales’

  • Mandy Sullivan, USA
    CSR Supervisor at GFS Chemicals, Mentor at GirlzWhoSell

  • Leslie Douglas, USA
    Director of Sales Training, JB Sales

  • Sarah Power, USA
    Client Director, Gartner

  • Julie Hansen, USA
    Virtual Keynote Speaker, Author ‘Look Me In The Eye’

  • Ugo Varlet, France
    Ex-Business Specialist in Dan Lok Organisation, Founder - Funnel Expert.

  • Julia Andrews, USA
    Chapter President NAWSP

  • Michelle Hecht, USA
    CEO & Founder, Phoenix Factor Consulting 

  • Jula Pereira, USA
    Small Business Growth Specialist at HubSpot, Author - Six Weeks to Sales Confidence

  • Kathryn E. Nuñez, USA
    Founder, The Social Selling Agency

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