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It all started from my childhood where I witnessed women being disrespected, made to be dependent, treated as slaves or mere products.Many people believe that women are meant to only serve the husband and children. I have always dreamt of giving job opportunities to women and making them stand on their own. I also strongly believe that the root cause of this neglect is girls’ education. Every girl child should get an education, and a share of the money I earn from this book will go for girl child’s education.

When I was in college I didn’t know anything about sales, I didn’t have any women mentors to guide me in the face of challenges. And hence I decided to contribute to many women to live their dream life by choosing and growing in a sales career. When women grow, she becomes directly capable to support the children's education and women’s community.

My decade of years of experience in the sales field led me to create the ‘Sell Like Her™’ Movement.

Apart from this, I am India's only 2nd Author and 1st Author from Southern India to write a book on Sales - Cumulative Selling.


Thilaga Kumar

Founder of 'Sell Like Her' Movement, Key Note Speaker, and High Ticket Closer (certified from Dan Lok University), Author of Amazon Best Seller-Cumulative Selling

My Mission

I am on a mission to inspire, empower, and help 1 million women to consider sales as their career and grow in sales by breaking gender barriers, achieving financial independence, and living to the fullest.

My Vision

A world view where women excel in sales by breaking the gender to create self-identity, live to the fullest of her potential and leave a mark

My Values

  • Speak Truth

  • Honest

  • Commitment

  • Treat every human being, non-human being equally.

  • Not to speak harsh words/bad words

  • Not hurting others

  • No Non-veg

  • Not earn money in wrong route

  • Faith on God/Universe

  • Help the society – make a smile in others lives

  • Hard work.

My Core Beliefs In Sales

  • Relationship – create comfort zone bonding, customer will be transparent in sharing.

  • Close Follow up

  • Right effort

  • Value addition

  • Active listening – show up you care for the customer

  • Selling is helping & serving

  • Treat every customer equally

  • Care and concerns

  • Be empathy

  • Sales training/knowledge is important more than product knowledge

  • Customers are not interested in knowing how much product knowledge you have instead interested in how much you care and solve their problems

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