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Founder of "Sell Like Her", Women In Sales Mentor, Author & Podcaster

Inspire, Empower and Transform Women to Excel in Sales Career

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International Leaders Talk About Thilaga

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Speaker | Sales, LinkedIn, Visibility Strategist

I am so proud of the work that Thilaga is doing to create a movement to inspire women to learn more about a career in sales. She is passionate about supporting the women in India and is consistent in her actions to make this a reality. Cumulative Selling is a comprehensive guide to support the professional that wants to improve their skills as a salesperson. The tips and case studies are valuable and Thilaga’s personal stories are inspiring. You won’t regret picking up this book and implementing the RAISE framework in your everyday business because we are all in sales. Congratulations!

Kathryn E. Nunez

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Jula Pereira

Small Business Growth Specialist at Hubspot

Thilaga is an insightful and dedicated sales leader with a passion and commitment to serving people. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for her podcast and she asked very thoughtful questions. I highly recommend her work.

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Elyse Archer

Founder & CEO of She Sells | Host of She Sells Radio | International Sales Keynote Speaker

Thilaga is changing the game for women in sales! Her podcast is incredible and she is such an inspiration to me and other women around the world. Thank you Thilaga for the great work you are doing!

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Connie Zeller

Founder Salty Bee Events | Event Producer | Women Network Managing Director

I had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by Thilaga. I met Thilaga at an eWomen Network event and I was immediately impressed by her passion to serve and empower women in sales.
Thilaga and I connected further at a virtual coffee chat. I was able to learn more about her non-profit organization and interest in growing her podcast to reach more women in sales.
Sales is service and Thilaga knows that serving women and empowering them to close high ticket sales will not only lift them personally, but the effects will reach farther than any one woman can imagine.

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Daphne Thomson

Business Consultant | Digital Marketing Expert

Thilaga is a true pioneer in inspiring women globally! She renders a platform to guide, mentor and advise women in sales. Whether you are dealing with impossible situations, challenging people or just need to know what the next step might be - Thilaga is able to able to assist women in sales!

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Sales Trainer at GWI adding SASS to SaaS | 🔥CEO & Founder, Phoenix Factor Consulting

Thilaga Kumar is quite an inspirational and dedicated sales leader who always looks for opportunities to connect, learn, and grow with others. I've had the pleasure of knowing Thilaga for a few months and we've spoken on numerous occasions. She is passionate about helping other women succeed, and she understands how important it is to approach every situation and person differently. She asks very thought provoking questions and seeks the truth, no matter what that looks like. She has grit, a keen business sense, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Above all, she's a natural when it comes to "selling in a human way," and balances relationship building with her professional goals effectively. I'm grateful to have an ally like Thilaga who adds so much value to my network!

Sell Like Her Podcast

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New Episode Every Week

"Sell Like Her" podcast is dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to pursue and excel in sales careers by filling the gender gap, living to the fullest of their potential & to achieve financial independence. I will be interviewing amazing successful women sales leaders and CEO's from India and around the globe where we discuss their sales journey, their challenges, their wins and much more.

Success Stories

Thilaga ma’am is my mentor and an excellent human being. These days very few people support others’ personal development in society but she is doing an excellent job to motivate women in sales to grow in their career. An excellent sales podcast host, she is multi talented, also achieving another milestone of becoming an author. Her book Cumulative Selling, the 1st Sales book to be written by a Woman  in South India and 2nd in India, is the most important tool for salespeople.  She is an amazing motivator, influencer, supporter and well wisher for me. Thank you ma’am and may God give you more and more blessings and good health too. Thank you for the opportunity to interact with you.

Ureka Sampath, EMS Sr.Sales Support Engineer

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